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Vegging Out
Vegging Out is a blog about real people and
the trials and tribulations (that means learning
to cook edible tofu) of being a vegetarian in a
society that often condemns people who won't
eat meat. The blog often offers recipes, often
delves into issues that are only tangentially
related to food and quite often pokes fun of its

Campus Progress
Campus Progress works to help young people -
make their voices heard on issues that matter.
Through an online magazine and student
publications, public events, and grassroots
issue campaigns, Campus Progress acts to
empower new progressive leaders nationwide
as they develop fresh ideas, communicate in
new ways, and build a strong progressive

Student Environmental Action Coalition
SEAC is a grassroots coalition of student and
youth environmental groups, working together
to protect our planet and our future.

Connecticut Environmental News
Links to today's environmental news headlines
from today's papers. With one click, find out
what’s being reported on around the state and
beyond (and what is not) regarding our air,
land, water and other environmental and health
issues of concern to residents of the state of
Meet Your Meat
The Great Land
Conservation Trust