Connecticut Youth
Activist Network

Colin Bennett, Coordinating Director

In addition to being the Coordinating Director of
CYAN, Colin is also the Executive Director of the
Great Land Conservation Trust. He has extensive
experience in student and youth organizing,
especially as it relates to climate activism; in 2006
he received the Climate Change Leadership
Award from the State of Connecticut. Recently
Colin has become passionate about the abolition
of child sexual slavery and human trafficking
Tenzin Namdol, Campaign Director

Namdol is a sometime student of Southern
Connecticut State University where she is
majoring in kicking the ass of injustice. Namdol
serves on the Board of Directors for the Great
Land Conservation Trust, and also on board for
the Old Saybrook Environmental Quality Council.
She is most obsessed with issues relating to social
justice and zombies. Namdol holds the position of
campaign director of the Connecticut Youth
Activist network and is an active member of the
Sierra Student Coalition.
Rachel Gary, Events and Fundraising Coordinator

Rachel has a B.S. Degree in Geography from
Central Connecticut State University and is
currently pursuing a Master's Degree at Wesleyan
University, Middletown, CT where she is also
employed as Associate Director of Events and is a
member of the Coordinating Committee for the
Shasha Seminar for Human Concerns and is chair
of the Reunion and Commencement Sustainability
Committee. She has been involved in the planning
of several major fundraising events for non-profit
organizations, and is passionate about animal
rights, nutrition and agricultural awareness, media
literacy and environmental justice.
Colin Carlson, Project Manager

Carlson is director of the Cool Coventry Club,
an organization that strives to educate people
about global warming and encourage energy
conservation at individual, business and
governmental levels. A student at Nutmeg
Homeschool and Stanford University's Online High
School, Colin gives presentations on climate
change across the state. Next year, he will be a
full-time college student.
Arlen Kleinsasser, Project Manager

Arlen was a member of the first place team in the
International Envirothon, he has also won several
statewide and regional competitions.  Besides
activism he enjoys long distance biking and
backpacking and vegetable gardening.   Arlen is
concerned about many social justice issues
but has made environmental issues his priority.
Jason Ortiz, Outreach Coordinator

Eric Mangles, Project Manager
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